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- Dr Joe Vitale
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The first thing your visitor judges on your site and how to manipulate it to increase readership. (Hint, it's not the headline).

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8 direct response offers that have proven to lift website conversions through the roof.

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28 Unique Selling Propositions that can help you dominate any market?

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7 simple ways to attract your prospect's eye-path to the important parts of your sales presentation!

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From The Desk of Lenny Eng

Perth, Australia

RE: Copywriters Secrets To Creating Profitable Web Page Sales Letters

Dear Friend,

If you've ever tried writing a web page sales letter, you'll know how frustratingly difficult it can be.

But I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be like that!

I've written enormously profitable webpage sales letters for the Internet for some of the biggest and most successful clients going around.

(For example, a client of mine recently made over $36,000 from a promotion to small list of 1,600 prospects, all from my work!)

But as successful as I've been, I am the first to admit that I haven't always found it this easy.

Like you, I used to struggle writing copy! And mysteries of what to say, how to say it and more really haunted me...

I used to sit down at my computer and pull my hair out for hours. In fact, I was personally responsible some of the weakest and most pathetic copy ever written.

But that all changed when I worked out -- through exhaustive research and online testing -- the secrets to creating website copy that actually works.

Why I Am One Of The Top Copywriters Online Today

During my journey, I've personally invested more than $30,000 and 5 years on my marketing education. I've devoured every copywriting publication and home study program available for direct mail, print advertising, consumer behavior, website usability and sales and marketing.

I've studied thousands of winning controls in both online and offline environments, and in both lead generation and direct sales. I've scientifically analyzed how these controls worked and why.

I've used this powerful knowledge to create high conversion websites for some of the biggest clients in the world. This includes one of the world's the largest affiliate networking companies, America's biggest book publicist and even a famous movie director.

Today, clients routinely pay me up to $6,000 for a basic sales letter. And they consider this fee a bargain because they know their investment is always returned with interest.

One of my clients recently pulled in over $36,000 in 3 days. This is remarkable considering the promotion was a hard offer to a small list of only 1,600 subscribers and the product was a big ticket item. And several of my clients have enjoyed similar results.

Another client turned student of mine recently sold more than $72,000 worth of product in just one week using the sales letter techniques I taught him. These are the same techniques I'm about to blow the lid off below.

I've Learnt Important Lessons and Dispelled Many Myths In My Time

Here are some examples...

Ugly websites hurt response - Forget any crap stories you may have heard about ugly websites selling big mounts of merchandise. It's all rubbish. Studies by Stanford University (and my own online testing) have proved that amateur looking sites make consumers feel nervous and will hurt your response.

Sure, there have been the odd exception, but you'll find in these cases the visitors already knew the business (eg. Dan Kennedy) well before they arrived so trust was never an issue. But the truth is you'll never gain the trust of a NEW visitor with an ugly, amateurish site that looks untrustworthy.

Graphic heavy web design doesn't sell - You need a design that communicates trust, but not one that's so over the top that it kills your download time and distracts away from your message. Only use pictures that serve a purpose, such as a product picture so prospects can visualize your picture or a professional logo to build trust. And don't listen to your web designer for conversion advice... they know nothing!

Nothing increases conversions like your offer - John Caples could rise from the grave to write your copy, but it will pale into significance against a powerful offer. It's true that words sell more than pictures. But offers also sell more than copy. If you really want to increase your conversions, then you need to master the direct response offers.

Time-tested copywriting lore still works online - Long copy sells, but not for free offers. Long copy needs to be interrupted by headlines, bullet points, text highlights and Johnson boxes to hold a reader's attention. Headlines make a huge difference so test them. People buy with emotions then justify their decisions with logic, so both arguments increase conversion.

These are just some of the important lessons I've learnt over the years. And thankfully I've finally found the time to put all this knowledge (and more) into a single powerful resource.


Confessions of a Website Copywriter

I've put all my tested strategies into a manual I call "Confessions of a Website Copywriter". This work represents all my own personal research, experiences and lessons that I have learned on writing profitable copy for the Internet.

Now you may be wondering why I am revealing these copywriting strategies. The fact is, I am sick an tired of the same tired old "secrets" from direct mail being flogged off as stuff for online and I want to set the record straight. And I see no reason why these strategies should remain the secret of only a select few.

"Confessions of a Website Copywriter" explains in plain English how to quickly and easily write your own web page sales letter. And nothing has been spared to give you the same knowledge and experience as a Super Copywriter.

You don't have to spend weeks learning tedious facts. As soon as you read each strategy, you'll be able to implement it straight away on your website.

You won't be puzzled or about any of these strategies either (not even for a moment).

In fact, here's what other trusted experts say about it:

Typical Comments From Copywriting and Marketing Experts...

"EXCELLENT!" One of the BEST manuals on how to write web copy around."

Dr. Joe Vitale
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

“Hearkens Back To The Classics Of Caples, Hopkins And Collier!”...

Chaching! What was that sound? Another dollar added to our coffers....thanks to the AMAZING content unleashed by Lenny Eng in his phenomenal book, Confessions of a Website Copywriter. That sound will be repeated over and over again until it becomes deafening.

We do not throw our testimonial around often so when Lenny emailed us asking for a review of his product, we agreed but did not promise anything. After reviewing this course and literally SUCKING UP THE CONTENT like a hungry pig let loose on a slop dish we have to give this product 4 thumbs up (its two of us ya see).

Copywriting is what sells online and offline. Long copy, short copy, headlines, bullets and benefits - it all plays a role in how much money you can make. Lenny, you have created the ultimate copywriting information product - one that hearkens back to the classics of Caples, Hopkins and Collier. Bravo! If you are a copywriter, or even if you just play one online, then you absolutely must get your hands on a copy of this masterpiece created by our friend from down under - Lenny Eng.

Marc & Terry Goldman
Owners of 'The Ultimate Marketer's Resource', Best Selling Authors and Joint Venture Specialists

"Could Double Or Triple Sales Overnight"...

"If you've ever wondered what makes websites sell thousands of dollars worth of product and services, while yours is lucky to make a cent ... this course will finally reveal WHAT you're doing wrong, and WHY you're throwing good money after bad. Plus you'll get some tips that could literally double or triple your sales OVERNIGHT - and that's what makes it so valuable."

Brett McFall
Australia's "Results Guaranteed" Copywriter Of Over 7,800 Ads & Sales Letters

"Will Save You Countless Hours Finding What Works"...

"A must read for anyone who has been looking for a way to write effective sales copy. Here is a step by step approach that will save you countless hours in trying, testing and finding what works. Great value and highly recommended."

Mal Emery
Australia's Million Dollar Direct Marketer, Author, Business Coach, Sales & Marketing Seminars & Renowned Speaker

"Create Kick Ass Money Making Copy"...

"This is excellent. It's full of great stuff anyone can use to dramatically use to improve their ability to write kick ass, money making copy.

Probably the best value for money manual I've seen on website copywriting since 'Make Your Words Sell'! I'd honestly recommend this to everyone!"

Alexi Neocleous
Professional Copywriter, Speaker, Business Coach & Creator of The Kaizen Marketing System!

"Better Than MYWS"...

"I've got MYWS!, which I enjoyed, but I discovered far more from 'Confessions of a Website Copywriter'! Like the technique for removing resistance to your statements.

After reading this, I went over a very effective sales letter with a hi-liter, and in a couple minutes found 2 statements that needed to be reworded.

This is especially important in triggering the emotional response that gets readers involved in the sales argument, but I can show you some pretty expensive books that make no mention of this.

Not just "copywriting" nuances, but lots of important stuff like how to position your images on the web page, etc. etc. etc.

This is great stuff, the "pros" all know to do this stuff (as your examples demonstrate), but it's very hard to find anyone who's been able to write it all down."

Dan Thies
World Renowned SEO Expert, Author & Moderator at Several Top Search Engine Forums


Why You Won't Find A Resource Quite Like This Anywhere Else

The strategies described in "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" are unlike anything you are likely to have read before.

The reason? Most of what is being past around for "online copywriting" is actually rehashed stuff from direct mail. But you see, there are a number of differences between the two mediums.

And that's where "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" differs. It is a resource that tells the strategies what works ONLINE. It combines both direct response and web marketing into one neat package.

That's why you've probably never read about these strategies before and why they are among the best kept secrets that even most copywriting pros don't fully understand.

Yet each of these super high yielding copywriting strategies can be reduced to simple recipes that almost anyone can understand. And that's exactly what I've done.

These strategies have been outlined in such simple steps that virtually anyone can follow them. I'm not talking about over simplification. I am talking about everything the average person needs to know to have the same chance of success as a Super Copywriter.

I Spill My Guts On The Tips, Tricks and Techniques That Creates Enormously Profitable Website Sales Letters

Here's What You'll Discover Inside!

The quickest and easiest way to creating a sales letter known to man!
The real reasons people buy -- the secret truth long known by master salesman, sociologists and 'con-men' finally revealed!
How to transform your opening paragraph into a powerful psychological sales magnet!
How to push the mental buttons that activate the emotional buying triggers in your prospect's mind!
A powerful little secret to creating captivating benefit laden copy in no time flat!
The real insider secrets to making your testimonials sell!
A sneaky … but incredibly smart way … to get an unlimited number of news articles and reports to support your claims!
Stealth marketing tactics for monitoring and beating your online competition!
The tiny little adjustment to your fulfillment process that will cause an absolute flash flood of testimonials pouring into your office!
3 no-lose ways to eliminating your reader's resistance levels using 'mental engagement'!
The insider secrets to using 'curiosity and intrigue' to keep your visitor reading!
A simple method of testing your letters that could skyrocket response by 1800%!
A guaranteed way to creating a powerful unique selling proposition that will destroy your competition and allow you to dominate your market (along with 28 Unique Selling Propositions that you can use)!
34 sure-fire bullet formulas you can plug right into to create sizzling hot, benefit packed bullets with ease!
How to create letters so powerful, you'll almost be afraid to use them!

4 easy to install lead generating mechanisms and how to use them on your site!
The most important thing you could ever learn about pop up windows, and why relying on them to generate leads is dangerous!
How to be one of the first persons on the planet to suck insane profits from the coming 'Slide In Pop Up' revolution!
8 almost magic lead generating offers that will explode the number of responses you're currently getting out of the water!
4 down and dirty techniques for following up with your prospects and snowballing their value by up to 426%!
Why using an autoresponder can injure your business!

The shocking truth about website credibility recently discovered by Stanford University!
Warning - How to avoid the commonly made design mistakes that can scare visitors to death and drive them away in droves!
The dirty secrets you must implement on your site to gain trust and convince visitors that you're not just another online 'scam artist'!
The closely guarded design strategies to creating a 'real world' feel on your site and why this is crucial to getting business from your prospects!
The down and dirty design techniques to building a professional image and adding extra impact to your credibility!
A foolproof way to getting your visitor reading your headline while your page downloads in the background!
Two incredibly powerful -- yet FREE -- tools that will shrink the file size of your graphics!
The NUMBER ONE rule to keep your visitors magnetically locked to their monitors while waiting for your letter to download!
How to get your text to load before your graphics so your visitors begin reading at the earliest possible opportunity!

The simple changes in your payment proposition that will practically force prospects to give you their money!
How to use bonuses to attract a stampede of business to your door!
3 powerful enhancements to turning your guarantee into a turbo charged weapon that will have your customers begging for more!
5 simple yet alluring pricing strategies that will shock your prospects and explode sales through the roof!

Consumer readership behavior and how to exploit it to entice readers into devouring your copy!
What to highlight on your letter and why!
5 little known eye catching techniques to constructing your words, sentences and paragraphs to encourage readership!
How to make your headlines jump out from your page to grab your prospect's attention!
7 simple ways to highlight text, sentences and paragraphs so they magnetically attract scanning readers every time!
How to take advantage of pictures so they positively influence the readership pattern of your letter!
The most digestible font to scanning eyes and when to use them!


And Now You Can Try It For 56 Days
Risk FREE!

Here's My Iron Clad Guarantee

I'll even gift you these powerful reports worth $95, yours to keep regardless...

1 How To Make Your Business Card A Potent Selling Tool! (valued at $27)

Generate more leads and close more sales with these direct response techniques for your business card.

2 Words That Lose Money, Words That Make Money (valued at $17)

Tap into the hidden psychological power of words with this in-depth analysis. Endorsed by Yanik Silver and Frank Garon!

3 Great Logos And Why - The Little Known Art Of Creating Credibility Based Logos! (valued at $17)

Discover strategies for creating credible, persuasive logos for your business. Under-rated in direct response!

4 The 5 Laws of Persuasion (valued at $17)

Enjoy and use these 5 persuasive tactics in your copywriting, selling and in life. Powerful stuff!

5 8 Time Saving Worksheets (valued at $17)

Short cut the copywriting process when you use these quick and easy worksheets. You'll  love them.

I Learnt The Hard Way, But You Don't Have To!

"Confessions of a Website Copywriter" gives you an opportunity to create a website that converts visitors into real paying customers.

A chance to squeeze more conversions and profits from every single promotional campaign you invest in and visitor you drive to your site.

Remember, I've had to learn these copywriting strategies on my own. I had to undertake all the research and testing and make all the mistakes before I could produce mind-blowing results for my own clients.

You on the other hand have it all spelled out in my "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" manual.

There's No Magic Involved

Believe me, you don't need any special aptitude. There's no magic involved. It's simply a matter of knowledge -- knowledge that used to be the private preserve of a very few.

Your investment for these proven strategies is just $27. And you should easily get this back and more with the profits from your first webpage sales letter.

The truth is, this manual is a bargain at 10 times the price because of what it means to your bottom line.

And don't forget, you are protected by my iron clad money back guarantee and get to keep $95 worth of bonuses regardless of what you decide. That's a guaranteed gain no matter what!

To get your copy of "Confessions of a Website Copywriter", simply enter your information below to start the process. You'll then be taken to Clickbank's secure online servers to complete your order. Once complete, you will be able to download "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" manual and all the free bonuses.

Act now because I am seriously considering upping the price in the next few weeks.

Special *Risk Free* Invitation Form

YES Please rush me the insider proprietary copywriting secrets that professional web copywriters have been protecting and don't want me to know.
I want the powerful copywriting strategies contained within "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" for just $27. I understand that these are the same strategies professional copywriter's use to create profitable web page sales letters on the internet.
I understand that my investment is protected by a money back guarantee. I can try "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" risk free for 56 days and if at any time, I am not 100% satisfied, I can return it for a full no-questions-asked refund.
And I understand I get to keep the $95 worth of bonuses, no matter what I choose. Plus a surprise unadvertised bonus which I will discover on the other side.

"This is the single greatest resource I've read on website copywriting!"

Alan Saltz, Copywriter and Author

"One of the Top 5 marketing manuals I've read, and I'read around 2,000 pages of Internet marketing material a week."

Chris Bloor, Speaker and Business Coach

Once you order through Clickbank's secure servers, you'll be taken instantly to our private download page where you can download the "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" manual and $95 worth of bonuses (plus a surprise bonus that will knock your socks off). This is your chance to steal the secrets behind highly profitable web page sales letter that copywriters have been guarding.


Yours for success.

Lenny Eng

Author and Copywriter

PS. "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" is not just another rubbish marketing manual full of big claims and empty promises. It's the real thing - testament to the trusted marketers who endorse it like Joe Vitale, Brett McFall, and Mal Emery to name just a few.

So you know that you really are getting the proprietary secrets of the professional copywriting fraternity, all explained in an easy-to-follow format that anyone can follow.

PPS. Woops, I almost forgot... the $27 investment for "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" should be tax deductible so keep the receipt. And this investment will potentially be returned a hundred times over when you consider the increased return on investment it means for your advertising efforts.

Plus, you are protected by a 56 day money-back guarantee. If any time you aren't satisfied, simply delete my manual from your hard drive and email me for a full no-questions-asked refund. And the $95 worth of bonuses are yours to keep no matter what.

To download your copy, click on the order link. You'll be taken to Clickbank's secure servers where you can safely complete your order. Once you are finished, you'll then be taken to our private download page where you can download "Confessions of a Website Copywriter".

Act now before I change my mind and up the price ;)

Once you order through Clickbank's secure servers, you'll be taken instantly to our private download page where you can download the "Confessions of a Website Copywriter" manual and $95 worth of bonuses (plus a surprise bonus that will knock your socks off). This is your chance to steal the secrets behind highly profitable web page sales letter that copywriters have been guarding.

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