Dude, Who Are These Guys?

Digital Copywriting is all about sharing our adventures and experiences in information marketing in honest, plain language with info marketers, like you, around the world.

Hmmm, info marketing. It’s an intriguing concept.

But what’s does it really mean to be an info marketer?

After nearly two decades helping our clients market books, home study courses, seminars, online training and more, we’ve come up with a simple definition.

Info marketing is about empowering people to improve the lives of others and make the world a better place through knowledge.

Our objectives are simple:

  1. To empower ordinary people, YOU, to achieve extraordinary lives in one of the most exciting and spiritually rewarding business on Earth, namely info marketing.
  2. To help great teachers, educators and leaders affect positive change and improve the lives of others through sharing their knowledge.

Our Dream Team